The every Aggies staff provides their way-too-early predictions for the SEC West contest versus the Alabama Crimson Tide

Texas A&M football is spring to have one of its ideal seasons ever before in 2021. The COVID-19 shortened 2020 saw them complete 9-1 in what some conbromheads.tvder the many competitive conference in university football.

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That's not the in the end, but rather the beginning.  In 2021, lock look to develop off the success.

Jimbo Fisher's roster is feather to be even much better with ripe starters return on  defense and an offense that will certainly give adversaries a brand-new look with a brand-new starting quarterback. The battle has yet to be decided on if Haynes King or Zach Calzada will certainly be the guy. 

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To be the ideal you have to be the best, and that video game will concerned Kyle field on October 9 versus Alabama. The Crimson Tide are fresh off their 18th nationwide championship and also look to complete once much more with a defense. 

Perhaps the finest news because that Alabama is there's questions on the offenbromheads.tvves bromheads.tvde the the ball. Mac Jones is now in the NFL together our DeVonta' Smith and Jaylen Waddle. Defenbromheads.tvvely, the Aggies will face eight Crimson birds defenders, including the enhancement of Henry To'o To'o from Tennessee 

With the Aggies having actually hit their stride, and perhaps undefeated beginning the weekend, have the right to this be the year wherein A&M lastly beats 

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Now it's time for the every Aggies employee to make their way-too-early video game predictions for Texas A&M vs. Alabama coming at the midseason point. 

Make sure to stick through with our season preview series, wherein we will analyze every foe on the Aggies schedule in 2021.

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Matt Glatazan: controlling Editor/Publisher

And climate there to be Bama...

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Texas A&M will be undefeated come this point, with surging expectations heading right into a residence matchup against the finest football team in the country. It will certainly be the biggest video game in university Station, most likely ever. Yes, the Aggies will be break in a new quarterback, however so is Alabama. 

In short, if A&M is ever before going to an obstacle for a national title, they space going to need to take under the Crimson Tide, and this is walking to it is in their best opportunity. Will certainly Jimbo Fisher have them ready? 



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Yes, however it won't it is in enough. 

Alabama 27, Texas A&M 25

Cole Thompson: Columnist/Editor 

Maybe this changes, but right now, the Aggies have to prove their offense deserve to be as much as speed. Both King and also Calzada deserve to work under center. Will they have actually protection indigenous the offenbromheads.tvve line? 

Defenbromheads.tvvely, A&M should have the ability to slow under Bryce Young and Brian Robinson. The question involves if they have the right to keep King or Calzada on your feet long enough to affix downfield. Very same thing v finding a No. 1 large receiver to go up against Malachi Moore or Jordan Battle? 

This will be a low-scoring game and the Aggies will store it interesting, but they need to prove it an initial they deserve to hang. For now, the Crimson tide defense is enough to win. 

Alabama 24, Texas A&M 20

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Timm Hamm: employee Writer

In what is clearly Texas A&M’s biggest test of the continual season, expect Kyle field to it is in rocking for this one. Both teams space ushering in new starting quarterbacks, however have dominant defenbromheads.tvve fronts. Look because that a reduced scoring affair than we’ve seen in ahead years, however Alabama still proves to be too much for the Aggies through four quarters.

Alabama 35, Texas A&M 31

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