I have a simple program and I get accessibility violation in ~ *(str + start). Why? I have to be maybe to adjust it. Right?

void fn(){ char *str = "Hello wordl!"; int finish = strlen(str); int start = 0; end--; while(start


char *str = "Hello World"; is a const string, and also cannot be modified. The compiler is cost-free to placed it into a non-writable location, bring about the crash you see.

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Replacing the declaration with char str<> = "Hello World"; should do what friend want, placing the string into a modifiable variety on the stack.



No, you have to not. "Hello world" is a continuous string literal, you should allocate memory utilizing malloc() in C, or brand-new in C++ if you want memory friend are totally free to modify.


As others have pointed out, literal strings might be save in a read-only area of memory. Room you compiling with warnings rotate on? you should gain a warning around discarding the constness of the cable literal.

What you deserve to do rather is:

char *str = strdup("Hello, world!");// change the string however you wantfree(str);


It"s because you"re creating to a string literal"s storage, which may be in a defended area of memory.

In your example, Hello wordl! is continuous string, any type of attempt to change this consistent string will result in an exception.Instead, You can do this -

string s = "Hello wordl!";char* ptr = &s<0>;and then play about with ptr.

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