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27 in march 1998
2.75 / 5.00.5 native 106 ratings
#1,344 for 1998

ns remember once it every started. One irl friend of mine whos into hardcore and also extreme steel told me about this album. He discussed this band one day, and also told me around this gruesome album cover. He also told me how it was connected to some weird qanon conspiracy so that acquired me even an ext interested. Ns looked it increase on rym and........ Yeah. This shit legit prevent me from sleeping for a night. I was miserable. Gorey stuff hasn't impacted me this poor before, and I've been exposed come gorey movies by mine dad prior to (He's a medical professional who likewise wants me to it is in a doctor, so he's checked to see exactly how sensitive i am to gore). Eventually, this album got me interested enough to in reality listen come it. I thought maybe, it to be gonna it is in some covert gem native the proto-deathcore era. It was not. Lmao the was not good. It was bad. Not in a "so poor it's good" kind of way, just bad. The instrumentals are simply generic, and the vocals are simply terrible. Its just hardcore dudes trying to imitate brutal fatality metal, and also they fail in ~ it miserably. Maybe i'm simply biased reason i dislike deathcore, but i want to forget about this album
deadass3000 Oct 23 2020 1.50 stars
Apparently, this album got caught up in the pizzagate/Qanon world. Surprising. Besides that this is a pretty negative death steel album all things aside. The manufacturing on this album is so bad, no various other words because that it. Every little thing from the guitars, drums, and vocals sound therefore flaccid and fake. The vocals sound favor the generic gurgles of fatality metal yet they're for this reason weak and also contrived. If girlfriend hadn't told me this to be a serious and genuine attempt at making death metal, ns would've sworn this was a parody of death metal. The lyrics room generic because that the genre, "RUR RUR death EVERYTHING and CUM lots CUM" kind lyrics. Generally hardcore dudes making fatality metal (See Xibalba) can turn out good as they include to that with various other influences. However that doesn't use to this album.1.5/5
TheTrueMithrandir Oct 22 2017 5.00 stars
monster band, began out as HC/Metalcore band put out a few EP releases and also then do this listen DM/BDM record. One odd piece that I never see referenced as at an early stage Deathcore, but that's without doubt what this is! The just thing I can compare this also is beforehand Embodyment, maybe. Expropriate this maybe more spazzy/manic sounding. There's a naive quirk to it that i really like. Numerous midpaced chugging, with slow-moving floor punching breaks, accented by explode of speed and dissonance. The dancy double bass fads in synchrony with the tide of bouncy riffs and also chugs keeps this point churning the end the grooves all the method through. You gained both the short growls and high snarls and some selection of backing HC-ish vocals harmonizing, etc. Ns guess I deserve to see one could find this as disaster, however I uncover it charming, and if friend are like me and enjoy weird little discoveries like this anomaly in Metal's past then give it a shot.
straight edge metalcore band provides a fatality metal album... And completely SUCKS at it. This is just completely inept, and not in the an excellent way. If a tape on Wheelchair complete of Old guys made a tape the parodied 90s technical fatality metal it could sound something choose this, except with much far better songs. Right garbage.

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