If you were to start a sentence through an "a" would certainly it be capitalised? due to the fact that when one "a" is ~ above its very own its reduced case. But letters at the start of sentences should be capitalised.

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You answered your very own question, but I will certainly paraphrase what you wrote slightly:

The very first letter at the start of a sentence have to be capitalized.

It simply so happens the the first letter of words a is a.

There room some additional style guidelines the apply:

Don"t begin a sentence with a numeral.Don"t start a sentence v a symbol. (With the exemption of a contracted word that offers an apostrophe.)Don"t start a sentence v a appropriate noun the is clearly lowercase.

In other words, you have to always try to rephrase a sentence so that it starts v a word (or name)—and its first letter have to be capitalized.

So, change:

k.d. Lang to be on phase tonight.

To, for example:

On phase tonight to be k.d. Lang.

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Yes. Even if a sentence begins with the unknown article, it must be capitalized; e.g.

"A funny thing taken place to me the other day. Ns was walking to…"


An apple is a sweet, edible fruit developed by one apple tree (Malus pumila).

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Mari-Lou AMari-Lou A
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