Exploits the "those meddling kids," the mystery Inc. Gang, in their younger years, as soon as Scooby was still a pup. This entry in the Scooby oeuvre is distinctive because that being an out-and-out parody of its parent show, through Freddy continually saying "let"s split up, gang" and reenactments of standard chase scenes, throughout which the personalities would protect against for a quick dance.

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Episode 2

The Sludge Monster native the Earth"s Core

Sat, Sep 17, 1988 30 mins

A monster haunts Scooby"s doghouse.

Episode 3

The Schnook who Took mine Comic Book

Sat, Sep 24, 1988 30 mins

Scooby and also Shaggy inspection the theft of a comic book.

Episode 4

Wanted Cheddar Alive

Sat, Oct 1, 1988 30 mins

A cheese monster puts Scooby Snacks the end of business.

Episode 5

For Letter or Worse

Sat, Oct 8, 1988 30 mins

Shaggy and Scooby are chosen as contestants on their favorite game show, however a ghost damages their chances.

Episode 6

The avestor from Beyond

Sat, Oct 15, 1988 30 mins

The gang take Shaggy"s infant sister to the babysitters, just to uncover themselves top top a case.

Episode 7

Now Museum, now You Don"t

Sat, Oct 22, 1988 30 mins

beneficial swords room stolen from a museum.

Episode 8

Snow ar Like Home

Sat, Oct 29, 1988 30 mins

one icy ghost reasons trouble at a ski lodge.

Episode 9

Scooby Dude

Sat, Nov 5, 1988 30 mins

The corridor encounter a headless skateboarder on a expedition to the beach.

Episode 10

Ghost Who"s comes to Dinner?

Sat, Nov 12, 1988 30 mins

The gang runs right into an old pair who live with a familiar ghost, but the couple is fear away once a median pirate ghost shows up.

Episode 11

The Story Stick

Sat, Nov 19, 1988 30 mins

The gang"s camping expedition is destroyed by a totem monster.

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Episode 12


Sat, Dec 3, 1988 30 mins

Scooby and also the gang investigate a burglary at Daphne"s house.

Episode 13


Sat, Dec 10, 1988 30 mins

Stinkweed, the monster star the a series of horror movies, suddenly shows up in genuine life, terrorizing malls. The actor that portrays Stinkweed in the movies hires the youngsters to prove that he isn"t responsible because that Stinkweed"s heinous crimes. Meanwhile, the youngsters produce a documentary top top the Scooby-Doo Detective Agency.