Some windows users are encountering the ‘A trouble prevented the document from gift scanned‘ every time they attempt to scan a paper with a linked scanner. If the user clicks top top Preview, they room greeted by this error instead: ‘A problem prevented the paper from being scanned.’

‘A difficulty prevented the document from gift scanned’ Error

There are multiple bottom-line culprits that could end up causing this error:

Generic glitch – You can encounter this certain issue as result of a share glitch resulted in by lengthy idle periods. In this case, you should have the ability to fix the issue by initiating a strength cycling procedure in order come clear any type of temp data that might be resulting in this issue. Additionally, you deserve to attempt to run the printer troubleshooter to see if any of the automatically repair strategies will settle the issue.

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Windows image Acquisition business is rotate off – Scanning tasks won’t it is in processed uneven the WIA organization is running. If it’s disabled or if it’s stuck in a limbo state, you will have to restart it and also configure it to continue to be open prior to you’ll have the ability to complete any type of scanning jobs on your computer.Insufficient permissions – If you’re encountering this error when attempting to finish a scanning job via the windows Fax & Scan utility, try opening the application with bureaucratic privileges and also see if this manages to solve the concern for you.Corrupted Still photo key – Under details circumstances, this certain error code have the right to be caused by a corrupted crucial (StillImage). In this case, you can fix the problem by using the registry Editor utility to navigate to its location and also delete it.Bad USB cable – It’s also possible that a non-congruent or corroded cable might end up causing this problem. Change it with a brand-new one laying roughly in your house to see if you need to order a instead of or not.System record Corruption – In rarely cases, this particular issue might end up being caused by some underlying system record corruption. In this case, update every OS component with a clean install or repair install (in-place repair) will certainly surely settle the difficulty for you.

Method 1: power cycling the scanner

As it turns out, a most users encountering the ‘A trouble prevented the paper from being scanned‘ error have reported the they regulated to deal with the issue by performing a power-cycling procedure. This operation is composed of turning the device off and also disconnecting it from the power source in bespeak to drain the strength capacitors and also ensure that the next startup is completed without any cached data.

Here’s a fast step through step overview on power cycling your scanner in stimulate to resolve this error message:

Clear any kind of pending jobs in your scanner queue, then revolve it off conventionally via the physics On / turn off button.
Turning her scanner offUnplug the scanner from the strength outlet and wait at least 60 secs to ensure the the power capacitors space cleared.After the time period has passed, plug your scanner ago into your power outlet and start the scanner as soon as again via the strength button.Once the startup is complete, repeat the action previously triggering the ‘A trouble prevented the paper from gift scanned’ error and see if the trouble is currently resolved.

In instance the trouble is still not fixed, relocate down to the following method.

Method 2: to run the printer troubleshooter (Windows 10 Only)

In instance you’re encountering the concern on home windows 10 and also the difficulty originates from one of your USB ports, girlfriend might be able to fix the issue automatically simply by running the windows Printer troubleshooter. This fix has actually been confirmed by several impacted users.

This integrated utility contains a selection of automated repair techniques for the most usual issues related to linked hardware and peripherals. If the problem you’re having actually is currently covered through a repair strategy, then the home windows Printer Troubleshooter will have the ability to fix the concern automatically.

Here’s a rapid guide on running the home windows Hardware troubleshooter energy in order to resolve the ‘A problem prevented the document from being scanned’ error:

Press Windows an essential + R to open up up a run window. When you check out the dialog box, type ”ms-settings:troubleshoot’ and push Enter. This will open up the Troubleshooting tab of the Settings application on home windows 10.
Accessing the Troubleshooting tabAfter you’re inside the Troubleshooting tab, relocate to the right section of the screen and also then scroll all the means down to the Get up and also running section, click ~ above Printer, then click Run the Troubleshooter from the newly showed up context menu.
Running the printer TroubleshooterWait until the initial scan is complete and also see if any type of fixes acquire recommended. If a repair strategy is applicable come your current situation, click Apply this fix.
Applying the Fix

Note: depending upon the trouble that it s okay discovered, you might need to do some hand-operated steps in stimulate to apply the recommended fix.After the fix has actually been properly applied, restart her computer and see if the trouble is addressed at the next startup.In situation the trouble is tho there, monitor the following potential solve below.

Method 3: Restarting the Windows image Acquisition (WIA) service

As it transforms out, you should expect to watch the ‘A problem prevented the file from being scanned‘ error in case an essential service (Windows picture Acquisition – WIA) is no running or is stuck in a limbo state. Some customers that were likewise encountering this problem have confirmed that they regulated to solve the concern simply by restarting the WIA business and an altering its Startup type to Automatic.

This service permits the communication in between your operating system and imaging hardware such together scanners, digital cameras, and another video/image equipment – It’s absolutely vital to the well functioning of linked scanners.

If you doubt this company might it is in responsible because that this issue, here’s a action by step overview on restarting and transforming its Startup form accordingly:

Open up a Run box by pressing Windows vital + R. Next, form ‘services.msc’ and also press Enter to open up the Services screen.
Type “services.msc” right into the run dialog and also press EnterOnce you’re within the Services screen, move down come the ideal section and also scroll down with the perform of solutions until you find the Windows image Acquisition (WIA) service.When you check out it, right-click on it and choose Properties indigenous the newly appeared context menu.
Accessing the Properties display of Windows image Acquisition (WIA)From the Properties display screen of the WIA service, select the General tab. Next, readjust the Startup type (using the connected drop-down menu) to Automatic, then click on prevent > Start button to restart the service.Note: If the business is stopped, click on Start come ensure it’s running.
Restarting / beginning the WIA serviceSave the changes by clicking on Apply, climate repeat the action that was previously bring about the A trouble prevented the paper from being scanned’ error and see if the concern is currently resolved.

In situation the same trouble is persisting, start adhering to the next method below.

Method 4: Running home windows Fax & Scan as Admin

As it’s to be reported through some impacted users, this difficulty can likewise occur because of the fact that the application you’re using to que her scanning tasks doesn’t have actually admin accessibility in order to send the details to your scanning device.

If this scenario is applicable, friend should have the ability to fix the worry by ensuring the the default scanning application (Windows Fax & Scan) is required to operation with administrative access.

Here’s a rapid guide on act this:

If windows Fax & Scan is already opened, close the application, however make certain that your scanning an equipment stays open.Press Windows key + R to open up up a Run dialog box. Next, type ‘ wfs’ within the text box and also press Ctrl + change + Enter to open up it with administrative privileges.
Opening windows Fax & Scan through admin accessWhen motivated by the User Account regulate (UAC), click Yes to provide admin access.After the home windows Fax & Scan utility is opened up with admin access, queue an additional job and see if you’re still encountering the very same error.

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If the very same ‘A difficulty prevented the document from being scanned’ error returns, move down come the next potential settle below.