A hollow non-conducting spherical shell has actually inner radiusR1 = 5cm and also outer radiusR2 = 14 cm. A charge Q = -35 nC liesat the facility of the shell. The covering carries a sphericallysymmetric charge thickness ? = Ar because that R12 that boosts linearlywith radius, whereby A = 16 ?C/m4

(a) write an equation because that theradial electrical field in the an ar r 1 in regards to Q, r, andCoulomb"s continuous k. You might take the hopeful directionas outward.

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(b) What is the radialelectric field at the point r = 0.5R1? Givenyour prize in units of kN/C, and also take the optimistic directionoutwards.

(c) What is the radialelectric ar at the point r =0.5(R1+R2)? provide youranswer in units of kN/C.

(d) What is the radialelectric field at the suggest r = 2R2?Give her answer in devices of kN/C.


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