I freshly went ~ above a classic computer animation binge, city hall a collection of old Mickey mouse cartoons, followed by a bunch that Felix shorts. One thing that struck me as odd was exactly how all the cartoons native the "20s and "30s it seems to be ~ to use the very same songs over and over, particularly “Turkey in the Straw” and this . . . Other song. The track in concern sounds vaguely middle Eastern, and also in the cartoons it usually accompanies miscellaneous exotic or foreign-seeming, prefer a line charmer or a turban-clad male riding one elephant. Everyone’s most likely heard this tune, and also when i was a boy (early "80s), we even had lyrics for it: "There’s a ar in France where the naked females dance; yes sir a hole in the wall where the men can see that all; yet the men don’t care, "cause they choose their underwear . . . . "

So, what is the actual title of this song? who wrote it? Why was it supplied so broadly in old cartoons? and also how long have kids had their own lyrics for the song?

BrianShreveport, LA

Walloon February 16, 2003, 7:52pm #2

Here is the tune as a MIDI file.

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smithsonian February 16, 2003, 8:02pm #3

"There"s a place in France" aka "Streets the Cairo" - the "Snake Charmer" Song

Learn the background of the song streets of Cairo, i beg your pardon the basic public in north America associates through belly dancing, snake charmers, and also "There"s a ar in France..."

Okay, i answered my own question. (Searched the archives here, which ns should’ve excellent first). This site discusses the tune (written through Sol Bloom, but stolen and also used by plenty of performers in ~ the rotate of the century).

I am still curious around the schoolyard lyrics, though. Anyone recognize anything about variations/earliest taped version?


Not for this reason fast:

*Originally post by smithsonian ***I am still curious about the schoolyard lyrics, though. Anyone understand anything around variations/earliest recorded version?

Brian **

The variation I heard together a kid:

There’s a location in Francewhere the ladies wherein no pants

(then the continues around underwear, but I think various from the OP’s version. Can’t remember it, sorry.)

1950’s, southern Ontario version

There’s a place called FranceWhere the females wear no pantsAnd the males wear glassesTo check out their dirty asses

Fear_Itself February 17, 2003, 12:06am #7

I remember:

“There’s a place on Mars,Where the ladies smoke cigars”

zoogirl February 17, 2003, 12:29am #8

“There’s a location in FranceWhere the ladies were no pantsAnd the men go "roundWith their hammers hanging down.”

Burnaby (Vancouver) BC, c1970.

Rat’s!I don’t understand what sort of women they WERE, yet they didn’t WEAR pants!

(Preview, zoogirl, PREVIEW!)

There’s a ar in FranceWhere the naked females danceBut the guys don’t careCause they nothing wear underwear

Circa 1975, main Minnesota.

I’d favor to gain my hand on a copy of the Kradoutja.

There’s a place in FranceWhere the naked females dance.There’s a hole in the wallWhere the boys can see that all.

Was what i heard in St. Luigi in the beforehand 70s

There’s a place in FranceWhere the alligators danceThe one can not danceSo lock kicked him in the pantsThe pants next doorCost a dollar forty fourPlus tax.

There’s a board us knowWhere the happy Dopers goUnca Cecil rants,“Gotta stomp the end ignorance!”

takes a bow


I knew a slightly various version:In the floor of OzWhere the ladies whereby no brasBut the males don’t care"cuz they wear no underwear

The version we sang whereby I live (central NJ, so late 70s) goes:there’s a place in Francewhere the naked females danceThere’s a feet in the wallWhere the men can see the all

Hmmm,of all the lost childhood memories, i still remember:

They don’t wear pantsin the southern component of France,But they do wear grassto covering up your ass.

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Similar come racer72’s, Mid-Atlantic area, c 1970

There’s a ar in FranceWhere the alligators danceOne wouldn’t danceSo they shot the in the pantsThe pants he woreCost a dissension ninety-fourPlus tax.


There’s a ar on MarsWhere the ladies smoke cigars.Every puff castle takeIs enough to death a snake.When the snakes room deadThey put diamonds in your head.When the diamonds crack,They placed mustard on your back.When the mustard dries,They put rubies in their eyes…