ErieBank 8 good Tuesdaysat the Highmark Amphitheater at Liberty Park

All Concerts are 6:30 p.m. To 9:30 p.m.

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(No admission after 9:00 p.m.)


Our 2021 tape Line-up


7/6 The popular music Rockets 7/13 kris Higbee

Opening: The I-90s Opening: Refuge


7/20 The violet Madness 7/27 The Earthquakers

Opening: The Breeze band Opening: Phunkademic


8/3 Vanessa Collier 8/10 Cracker

Opening: Mambo Opening: Matty and also the Pickles


8/17 The Vindys 8/24 Erie every Stars

Opening: Aria and also the voiceless Opening: CEE Brown















Special many thanks to our 2021 Sponsors

Allegheny Beverage

Barnhart Transportation

Berry Global


Building systems Inc

C.H. Reams & Associates, Inc

Dahlkemper Landscape

Donjon Shipbuilding and Repair


Erie neighborhood Foundation

Erie-Crawford ar Funeral director Association Inc

Erie houses for Children and Adults (EHCA)

Erie urban Transit Authority

Erie News Now

Erie local Chamber and also Growth Partnership

Erie-Western Pennsylvania port Authority

Encompass wellness Rehabilitation that Erie

First national Bank

Gannon college Alumni

HBK CPAs & Consultants


Harley-Davidson that Erie

Knox McLaughlin Gornall & Sennett, P.C.

Kress jae won Services

Macdonald Illig Jones & Britton, LLP

Maleno Homes

McGill strength Bell & Associates, LLP

Mike Kelly for Congress

Northwest Bank

Presque Isle Downs and Casino

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Ron & Pam Novel


SKM mechanism Analysis, Inc

Shoreline Bar & Grille

Sunflower Club

Team Hardinger

Tom & mark Lucas, Wells Fargo Advisors

UPMC Hamot

United method of Erie County

Zurn Industries




Motorcycles space no much longer permitted to park within the park. Motorcyclists are encouraged to utilize spaces in park and ride lots as available.Access indigenous the waters leaf is NOT permitted (boaters, kayakers and also other vessels are NO longer permitted to access Liberty Park via the water’s edge)Water party filling stations will certainly be located roughly the park


Will there be vendors?

Yes! Food and other vendors will be accessible before and also during the event. Castle are located on the east side that the park.

Can ns smoke throughout the event?

Smoking is allowed in the designated locations on the southwest and also northeast corners that the park.

Where room the bathrooms?

Portable toilet framework are easily accessible in the northeast corner of the venue and also the southern parking lot across from the playground.

Are there accommodations because that the disabled?

Handicapped parking is obtainable in the northernmost park and ride lot of just outside of the park and also it first-come first-served. Golf cart shuttles operation throughout the occasion to aid in the move of civilization to the seating area.

Are there any kind of entrance or age policies?

In order to help insure the extension of a family environment and also accommodate kids at port Authority-sponsored events, the Erie-Western PA port Authority has adopted the adhering to policy:

No loitering will certainly be tolerated in the parking areas at the playground or in and around vending areas.In order to properly enforce this amended policy, all individuals, eighteen year of period or older must be all set to show valid photo I.D. Acceptable develops of I.D. Are as follows: PA or out of state driver’s license, student I.D. Card, military I.D., passports or State picture I.D.’s. Damaged or unreadable I.D. Card will certainly not be accepted. No one will certainly be admitted to Liberty Park after ~ 9pm.

When execute the entrances open?

Generally the entrances to Liberty Park open up at sun up and also remain open up until sundown.

Can I bring a tent or “beach” umbrella?

For the enjoyment of anyone in attendance, tents, umbrellas and sunshades room not permitted during the event.

What around bikes, skates and also skateboards?

For the security of every in attendance bikes, skates, skateboards, etc. Are not permitted during events. Cycle racks are situated near the east and also west entrance gates.

Just just how many world can you fit in the park?

Estimated capacity of the grassy seating area is 5,000.

How execute I end up being a merchant at 8 good Tuesdays?

CLICK here to submit an inquiry regarding vending.

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How carry out I rental a time at the peak of the hill?

20′ x 20′ tents at the peak of the hill have the right to be booked as part of our sponsorship program. Come inquire about pricing and easily accessible opportunities  CLICK HERE.

How do I imply a band to play at 8 great Tuesdays?


What else is over there to carry out on Erie’s Bayfront?

There are many things to execute on Erie’s Bayfront every year round!

CLICK right here for a perform of things to do in Erie’s Bayfront District!


FREE SHUTTLE organization COURTESY OF drive the “e”SHUTTLES operation 5PM until AFTER nearby OF THE EVENTFROM THE complying with LOCATIONS: