Surviving the zombie-infested see of 7 work to dice (7D2D) needs a stronghold capable of withstanding the onslaught that the undead. Fortunately, 7D2D has a crafting mechanism for do the items essential for survival.

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Wood Frames are one of the most straightforward items. They are provided to fortify the safe haven. Wood Frames are very versatile. They have the right to be upgraded come create an ext durable defense blocks, consisting of Concrete and Steel Blocks.

In this guide, fine cover the entire upgrade course for lumber Frames.

How Upgrading Works

Upgrading a building block in 7D2D enhances its an essential statistics, including hit points (HP), horizontal support, and mass. To with the last upgrade level for a block, complete every preceding upgrade in sequence.

Upgrading a block requires an update tool and also upgrade materials. Each upgrade needs different structure materials. Gain upgrade products through looting, trading, mining, scavenging, and crafting. Over there are 4 upgrade tools:

Stone AxeTaza’s stone AxeClaw HammerNailgun

Each tool have the right to be provided to upgrade hardwood Frames. The stone Axe is the slowest. The Nailgun is the fastest.

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Wood frame Upgrade Path

The Wood frame upgrade path requires:

8x Wood10x shingle Rocks20x Concrete Mix10x Forged Steel

The update sequence is together follows.

1. Hardwood Frame


Requires: 2x Wood

HP: 50

Upgrades to: timber Block

The Wood framework is the simplest building block in 7D2D. It’s provided for structure bases. It’s additionally combustible and can be supplied as a fuel source.

2. Hardwood Block


Requires: 1x timber Frame, 4x Wood

HP: 225

Upgrades to: Reinforced hardwood Block

The wood Block is a directly upgrade indigenous the wood Frame. This blocks are supplied for structure bases. Hardwood Blocks are also combustible.

3. Reinforced timber Block


Requires: 1x wood Block, 4x Wood

HP: 225

Upgrades to: shingle Block

The only difference in between a wood Block and also a Reinforced hardwood Block is the the latter have the right to be upgraded. They have actually the exact same HP.

4. Cobblestone Block


Requires: 1x Reinforced lumber Block, 10x cobblestone Rocks

HP: 1,500

Upgrades to: Concrete Block

The shingle Block is an upgrade from the Reinforced hardwood Block. Shingle Blocks aren’t combustible. Lock can’t be provided as fuel.

5. Concrete Block


Requires: 1x cobblestone Block, 10x Concrete Mix

HP: 3,000

Upgrades to: Reinforced Concrete Block

The Concrete Block is an update from the cobblestone Block. During the upgrade, the block goes v an intermediary stage dubbed the Wet Concrete Block. The settles into a Concrete Block after about 15 minutes.

6. Reinforced Concrete Block


Requires: 1x Concrete Block, 10x Concrete Mix

HP: 5,000

Upgrades to: stole Block

The Reinforced Concrete Block is an upgrade from the Concrete Block. Over there is one intermediary stage referred to as the Poured Reinforced Concrete Block. That lasts 15 minutes. Then, the block settles into its upgraded form.

7. Steel Block


Requires: 1x Reinforced Concrete Block, 10x Forged Steel

HP: 7,000

Upgrades to: none

The steel Block is the final level in the Wood framework upgrade path. V 7,000 HP, that the most resilient block in the game.

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Crafting is critical part the 7D2D. Wood Frames are few of the many widely provided crafting products in the game. Use the information above to upgrade lumber Frames right into stronger materials and also enhance her base versus relentless zombie horde attacks.