PORTLAND, Ore. (bromheads.tv) — The CBS newsmagazine show ’48 Hours’ is featuring a local case on the Saturday night program.

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Dubbed ‘Trail the Tears’, the episode investigates the death of Rhonda Casto, who died while ~ above a hike through her boyfriend Stephen Nichols.

Casto and also Nichols were on the Eagle Creek trace in 2009 when, follow to a 911 contact made by a man,Casto slipped and fell.

Rescuers came down on the scene and found Casto’s body under an embankment around 100 feet off the trail.

Five years later, a mystery indictment was filed that charged Nichols v murder.

Nichols to be arrested in ~ the san Francisco Airport critical year.

’48 Hours’ airs ~ above bromheads.tv 6 Saturday night in ~ 10:00.

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Man presumed dead ~ trying to jump across Devils Churn

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