While it’s overshadowed in terms of power by recent rounds, .44 Magnum remains capable of acquisition on a wide selection of shooting work without difficulty. At close ranges, the Remington cartridge can take down whatever from large games come aggressive home invaders without lot difficulty. Still, the substantial recoil the .44 Magnum makes specific shooters go for a similar round that also packs a punch, .44 Special. So which ring is going come come out on height in .44 one-of-a-kind vs. .44 Magnum then?

You favor the rounds however want come gather much more information to make a way choice? In the case, you have concerned the appropriate place. Down below, you would certainly be presented to the qualities of .44 Special and also .44 Magnum including, specifications, performance, ease of access and therefore on.

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Specifications that The Rounds: Breakdowns

.44 special (Smith & Wesson)


Parent Case: .44 RussianBullet Diameter: .429 inch (10.9 Millimeters)Neck Diameter: .457 inch (11.6 Millimeters)Base Diameter: .457 inch (11.6 Millimeters)Length: 1.615 inch (41.0 Millimeters)
.44 Magnum (Remington)


Parent Case: .44 SpecialBullet Diameter: .429 customs (10.9 Millimeters)Neck Diameter: .457 customs (11.6 Millimeters)Base Diameter: .457 customs (11.6 Millimeters)Length: 1.61 customs (41.0 Millimeters)

As .44 Magnum is based on .44 one-of-a-kind loaded come high pressures, the ring have comparable dimensions. Actually, friend should be able to fire .44 one-of-a-kind using weapons chambered in .44 Magnum which speak volume around the similarities in the profile of the rounds. The being said, you must keep in mind the autos chambered because that .44 Magnum would certainly be unable to feeding .44 special reliably. As a result, stick to revolvers if you desire to shoot both .44 Special and .44 Magnum.

Detailed compare Of The Rounds

.44 Special


Manageable Recoil In most Applications

Overall, .44 Magnum hits hard but it also kicks difficult which method you must have actually a strong grip to put the Remington cartridge to an excellent use. ~ above the other, the recoil that .44 special is similar to .45 ACP therefore everyone might shoot it comfortable in many cases. Obviously, the feeling recoil often tends to be influenced by several components like the load of the shooting platform, the load of the rounds, grip ergonomics,… yet by all accounts, if you desire something that possesses controlled recoil climate the smith & Wesson round is because that you.

Plenty that Affordable Ammo Choices 

These kinds of days, ammunition manufacturers sell shooters several options about .44 Special and also they every come at reasonable prices. To conserve money ~ above the range, numerous owners that .44 Mag revolvers frequently practice utilizing .44 Special and also only fill Magnum rounds if preventing power is required. In conclusion, if you take place to it is in a budget-minded shooter climate .44 special would fit her wallet nicely without fail.

Decent numbers Of .44 SPL Revolvers 

Since the arrival of .44 Magnum, few gun machines on the market have actually been ready to develop firearms chambered in .44 Special. Fortunately, Ruger, Colt, … recently decided to relax a couple of guns for fans of the blacksmith & Wesson cartridge due to the cultivation popularity the Cowboy action Shooting and comparable events. Friend would have the ability to purchase full-sized and also compact 44 SPL models depending on your needs and requirements. Prominent selections for shooters nowadays encompass Charter arms Bulldog, Ruger GP100 and also Colt new Frontier.


Availability Is much less Than Ideal 

While human being indeed have actually many choices if it comes to .44 Special, details shooters can find it difficult to share up top top the smith & Wesson round. Hence, it’s strongly recommended that you examine if you can secure a secure supply of ammunition before choosing .44 SPL.

Fouling (Especially In .44 Mag Revolvers) 

Firearm enthusiasts that regularly shoot .44 distinct in revolvers chambered in .44 Magnum notification increases in fouling. The is understandable: .44 SPL is much shorter than .44 Mag so fouling construct up quicker than usual. The is why it’s important that you clean the chambers of her gun after ~ every visit come the range.

.44 Magnum


Top-Of-The-Line Performance 

Regardless of what targets friend shoot at, .44 Magnum would acquire the task done without trouble. Sure, the Remington ring may loss behind .454 Casull, .500 S&W Magnum and also so on regarding stopping power however it can still tackle basically every imaginable target these type of days. A mix of high velocity and flat trajectory permit .44 Magnum come reach out to 100 yards which is superior for a round at first designed for revolvers. That course, shooting skills, weather conditions and so ~ above would impact the shooting range somewhat.

Ammunition availability Is Top-Notch 

Thanks come movies favor “Dirty Harry”, The Remington cartridge is always in high demand so many ammunition manufacturers crank out a many .44 Mag annually. Despite the fact boxes of .44 Magnum come at reasonably high prices, shooters should have the ability to get lock at many gun stores across the country.

Handloading Is generally A Breeze 

As typical factory-loaded round tends to kick rather hard, many shooters resort to handloading to create something an ext manageable. Together .44 Mag supplies a straight-wall, non-bottleneck case, making handloaded ammunition is a go in the park if friend have perfect tools and also materials.


Unforgiving Kickback 

Experienced shooters as well as firearm specialists universally agree the for world that don’t manage recoil well, .44 Magnum is a poor an option of caliber. If friend don’t have a steady grip, the kickback that the Remington ring would reason the gun come chew the internet of her hand.

Create significant Muzzle Flash when Fired 

.44 Mag is qualified of creating considerable muzzle flash the is plainly visible even in daylight. As a result, if friend shoot guns chambered in .44 Magnum in low light problems then you might temporarily remote yourself. Every in all, .44 one-of-a-kind is generally the winner in .44 one-of-a-kind vs. .44 Magnum concerning night firing.

Verdict: You call The Shot

While talking about .44 one-of-a-kind vs. .44 Magnum, it’s pretty hard to say which round is premium as different shooters nowadays often tend to have various tastes. Since of that, it’s extensively advised that you take her own situation into account.

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If you want a heavy round the packs a punch and comes at affordable prices climate .44 unique is what girlfriend need. Top top the other hand, if you have confidence in your shooting ability and desire to have actually stopping power, .44 Magnum would never ever let friend down.