Celebrated worldwide, 420 has become the global slang for "marijuana," but couple of knew exactly how the term originated...until now!
DirectorsAmy RalstonStarringJames Ball, David Chavez, Alize EmmeGenresDrama, DocumentarySubtitlesEnglish Audio languagesEnglish
Supporting actorsBecky Goodman, Samara Kelly, Nathaniel Peart, Margaux Susi, Ryan valve DuzerProducersAmy RalstonStudioGravitas VenturesPurchase rightsStream soon DetailsFormatPrime video (streaming online video)DevicesAvailable to watch on supported devices
Eddie MurdockReviewed in the United says on January 24, 2019
Helps remind united state of how far we"ve come due to the fact that the awful ruling of Anslinger. Gives one a slight little of hope for commonwealth legalization
Linda SpellmanReviewed in the United claims on in march 23, 2019
Thinking people know why Weed is quiet on the DEA"s list. It has to do through all the Money $$$ and also those jobs that would shed if that Weed were gotten rid of from the Schedule 0ne. The people who don"t desire Weed eliminated are the genuine Addicts.Just for this reason you every know, ns personally don"t usage the Weed anymore.

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MariaReviewed in the United claims on might 18, 2015
I think it is high time the the decriminalization of three be addressed there is no the jokes and also innuendo of foolishness that this country has perpetuated. The fact is said in a means that must sober up every those that feel alcohol and prescription seeks is in any method less harmful than the choice to utilize the herbal curative properties of the age old herb that has been offered by peoples of the human being to aide in pain reduction, promote sleep and also cure illness.
Jack LReviewed in the United says on January 8, 2017
I"ve seen far better documentaries ~ above Marijuana. I don"t think it proved me anything ns hadn"t currently seen through various other shows, TV or movies covering the subject. Simply my opinion.
Yolanda AllisonReviewed in the United says on June 7, 2016
I recommend this film because that scholastic purposes. It"s perfect for advocates , Students, Educators for higher Learning and also for those that seriouslywant to send a Petition to their "Elected government Officials" regarding :Drug reform , and Legalization of medical Cannabis and 420 for your State !
The information in this documentary is an excellent and i recommend it based upon that. The framework of the documentary approximately the world making statements is regrettably - I discovered them slightly annoying and also they detracted native the all at once information gift presented at times.
Since Ohio is deciding whether to legalize marijuana I want to discover more. Unfortunately, this video clip really didn"t provide me any kind of real brand-new information. It"s no that it was a poor documentary, just a tiny dated for my purposes.

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My dad acting cigarettes and died at sixty. I have smoked weed because that thirty 5 years and also Medijuana for three, I"m sixty one and also the six hundred dollars worth of booze each month is a lot harder on my wellness than Medijuana will ever before be. I suppose to live as lengthy as Willie Nelson, mine Lord and also Savior and also the child of Haile Selassie. Great movie too.
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