These Quartet natural Cork bulletin boards are designed specifically with classrooms, students and teachers in mind. In fact, lock are several of the most well-known classroom bulletin boards accessible on the sector today. This boards have actually a high quality herbal cork surface ar with wonderful pin-holding power. The cork will reseal chin after you remove the pins to provide a like new look for years come come. This herbal cork board is great for low to moderate usage areas. Higher use locations may advantage from the Premium colored cork plank or from the Quartet heat of Vinyl spanned Tack boards.

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This items is oversized, pearl by truck and also is no returnable. If any freight damages occurs you re welcome note clearly on the bill of lading at the time of delivery.

Product Details

Natural cork bulletin plank with great pin-holding powerGreat because that light-use such together displaying finding out materials in classrooms4" x 6" posting surface ar with aluminum frameHanging mechanism is included5 year warranty
Bulletin surface Type: CorkDetailed Color: BrownFrame Finish: Silver AluminumMounting Hardware Type: SurelockOrientation: LandscapeSize: 6" x 4"Standard plank Size: 6" x 4"Type: Cork Bulletin BoardsUse Frequency: Light UseDimensions: 48" x 72"Period of Warranty: 5 years
exactly how thick is the 4" x8" item of cork board? I"m searching for something thick sufficient to obtain a traditional pushpin; and be resilient enough to stand up to several insert/removal that items..
Thank you for her question. The Quartet herbal Cork Bulletin Board has a 1/8" layer of cork top top a rigid fiberboard backing. The Quartet natural Cork Bulletin board is a irradiate duty plank if your applications is because that a high traffic of use you would be probably far better served v a medium or hefty duty board. You can find our complete selection of bulletin boards right here .


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