The 4-3-1-2 is a formation that has been used frequently in the last decade, but has maybe received less attention 보다 truly deserved. The 2017-18 campaign has currently overseen teams consisting of Sampdoria, Villarreal, Southampton and also Red Bull Salzburg use the development as a part of their corresponding systems. Spanish giants actual Madrid and FC Barcelona have also used separation, personal, instance versions the the formation also.

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The 4-3-1-2 is a development that can be beneficial, mainly as result of being very compact and for groups that emphasis on defence an ext than attack. Teams using this development have the same pushing sequence; once the opposing centre-backs have the ball, the team will stay main and won’t push the centre-backs high up the field, hence leaving the passing roadway to the full-back open. This will certainly then pressure the opposition to the outside. But, once the centre-back then provides a selection to move either to the ideal or the left side of the pitch, the entirety team will transition as a unit it to the ball near side of the key making the field an extremely narrow. With the aid of the touch line, the right or left-midfielder can easily press the the opposite full-back, forcing the full-back to one of two people play ago to his centre-backs or keep organize of possession. One requirement of this pressing, is that the exterior midfielders will certainly block the passing lanes indigenous the full-backs to the inside. This sort of pushing isn’t necessarily aiming to success the ball ago high up the field, however to rather let play take place in zones where they are causing any danger (see the red area in the left picture below). The the opposite team deserve to retain possession, yet the defending team will certainly anticipate opportunities to press, so they can retrieve possession.



The pictures above detail exactly how the players in midfield will get rid of four players of the the opposite team v their cover shadow, of course, this pipeline a many of space on the other side that the pitch. But, since the full-back is under hefty pressure and a move is improbable, the whole team have the right to switch to the various other side that the pitch to press. This is an extremely exhausting, though, for this reason the midfielders room expected come have good stamina. When facing a team that is really patient in buildup this can become a problem, however in general this system is really solid defensively and very challenging to rest through.

It is likewise important the teach defender is noting their respective zone and also not the man, if the opponents switch outplays the midfield line, the defence might be in trouble when guy marking.



In one picture, the is remarkable how delicate the defence becomes as soon as the midfield is outplayed in a 4-3-1-2, since the striker takes among the centre-backs out of room with a well-timed run, subsequently creating a very big gap in between the 2 centre-backs.

“If my defenders ask to take it account the the opponent, they always lose the vision of the ball”… “Often defenders space accustomed to keeping an eye on the opponent and also the ball, in this order; some have the right to do it, some less. The is a long process, it must be organized. For example, you require to have players accustomed more to accounting the room and less to feeling the “flesh” of the opponent.” – Marco Giampaolo.

When building assaults most groups who pat a 4-3-1-2 play brief combinations in midfield, due to the fact that of the compactness this formation has. When doing this they use a lot of of wall surface passes to uncover the totally free man in midfield. When playing versus a three-man midfield, either the ‘10’ or the ‘6’ is the totally free man. The intention because that the centre-backs is to discover this totally free man when either making use of vertical overcome or wall passes. Using wall surface passes can be very useful for a few reasons; firstly, the one who receives the round after the wall surface pass will challenge the adversaries goal and also can carry the round forward and also secondly, because that the defender the is nearly impossible to defend versus because when the centre-back passes the ball to the midfielder, he has to turn his body, which deserve to take time and initiate a press.


Scenario 1 the the contrary team play through a 3 man midfield leave the ‘6’ free, who have the right to be uncovered trough wall surface passes. Scenario 2 the adversary plays a 4213/4231, as soon as the exterior midfielders big the opposing defensive midfielders they deserve to create room for the totally free ‘10’.

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To add, another benefit of quick passing, is the just how it deserve to provoke the opponents to press, as soon as a lot of the adversaries are about the round they can play upon the an are behind the the opposite press. When the centre-back, because that example, passes the sphere to the totally free ’10’ or ‘6’, they are in central positions top top the pitch whereby they have the right to have a very large impact top top the game. Due to the fact that of this, the the contrary defence will try to block central options, but they will then leave big spaces behind their press, which can then be quickly exploited.

Of course, there room flaws in this formation, but, in mine opinion, this system deserve to work an extremely well because that teams. To summary the article – the advantages of the development are; teams can conveniently push the adversaries to the external with a very compact pressing, when building attacks, the is complicated for the enemy to efficiently press, since there space a many of choices around the round and. The defect of this development are; once you are pressing it is easy for the the opposite team to save the ball in possession and when being patient develop attacks.