I just use Scourge, because its throw puts cartridge attractor on every heads in its AOE, then use a rapid, fire secondary. Usually do it top top a high level grineer survival. 



number of means to perform this...

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for me i favor loki top top Gabii i actors decoy to team up infested. Invis then mass kill with a catchmoon/pistol

mods prefer Tractor Beam Aero Vantage help

but there are more then a few ways todo this

and if that still offering you problems

w/ me on pc i,ll do it for you =)


I commonly go for a team of 3 Condroc birds. I also find that making use of Aero Vantage (100% decreased falling as soon as aim gliding) helps the end a bunch. And definitely go v a hitscan weapon, for this reason the shots fired are immediate hits (and there"s no ballistic drop).


PoE check

Zephyr max term check


Never a team of 3 enemies grouped or headshots no counting

Tried snipertron vandal, komorex, .....


Ready to simply #*!%ing delete this riven......

Don"t usage snipers, use some attack rifle on large group of enemies. Zephyr add to patagium would certainly make it really easy. Dual jump and also then you"ll have few seconds to simply stay in the air in one place and also spraying enemies with bullets. You"ll have your 3 headshot kills in no time.



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I"ve done a comparable riven by utilizing zephyr + patagium mode + tractor beam moa, did so on corpus maps (outpost or fortuna are good for this since corpus head hitboxes are much less of a pain). It might sound basic, however ensure the riven is on whatever gear the for, cant counting the variety of times i have finished a challenge then just to realize ns forgot to use the riven...

does it have to be POE?Ive constantly done this an obstacle on draco with pipes to funnel the enemies thru and also hitscan through punchthru weapons

infested missionscourge equipped with vile accelerationsecondary with an excellent fire price an damageequinox or khoraget a nice team togather an usage your frames CC ability throw the scourge close to them so its pluse puts bullet attractor on there headsjump into the wait an hope you time appropriate so when you shoot through your an additional the pulse from scourge influence themmakes riven simple

Kitgun with Pax Seeker, ESO/SO, easy completion. Even throw on some aim glide mode if you"re tho struggling.

Loki / Loki Prime, Rattleguts second with Pax Seeker, Radial disarm the area, wait till lock get around the defense pod and also aim glide and also shoot in the head , may take a pair tries yet the easiest method I"ve uncovered to complete it. Hope it helps.


Scourge, range-Limbo (second-half starchart Grineer won"t dice from Cataclysm and also Stasis will save their nice ring heads totally still because that you), Zephyr PoE (need come poke a suitable anthill 1st, shoot them once they fire at you, her 3 will save you for sure while up in the sky), Moa & Tractor Beam (extra time in the air, remove it"s weapon so the can"t death your targets), Nova + perfect punch-through no-recoil bullet hose (slow "em and also fire through a crowd "at head height", might take a couple of enemy groups, but you will acquire your three headshots in one glide), there are many ways. If you are an excellent at aiming, you deserve to use a zoom mod to "increase head size".

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Wouldn"t a Defense mission be easier ?

I found out there"s a body Defense map with an Invisible Ceiling... Useful because this allows Zephyr to hover longer with out the extr Gain in Height....

Hence why you want a tiny Area quite than a large one....

The same goes because that the One that desires you to kill multiple adversaries in a single Wall Latch.

Try a Shogun v Fatal Acceleration...

I believe they layout count together Headshot Kills also if some pellets hit the opponents neck and also Chest.

I"m sure someone here would be more than willing to simply unveil it climate return it to you... Simply for funsies.

I typically go for a team of 3 Condroc birds. I also find that using Aero Vantage (100% decreased falling when aim gliding) helps the end a bunch. And definitely go v a hitscan weapon, so the shots fired are immediate hits (and there"s no ballistic drop).

You"ve obtained the appropriate idea to usage Zephyr"s float mechanic v Tailwind, yet I would recommend law the Riven on Venera, Venus (Venus capture in the Star Chart). The factor why is since you must do the Riven against standard MOA"s for two reasons:

They will shot to get close come you in order come fire your cannons.While firing, the standard MOA"s tend to stand still.

If you generate in an open-air tile or you"ve found the capture target in one open-air tile, you have the right to wait because that a Condor Dropship to deploy an ext standard MOA"s because that you.

Compared to any type of Grineer, typical MOA"s room far much easier to headshot death consecutively together they ignore any form of cover simply to assault you all while standing tho too.

Holding zephyr 1 because that the float isn"t aimgliding.

When I get that one ns take khora (or anyone through khoras 2 helminthd onto them) and also group increase a ton the enemies and also spray over every theur heads with a fast fire gun

1st usage a kitgun with Pax Seeker = auto headshots.

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2nd Moa/Sentinels have jump height/glide mods the are really nice

Dont really need a zephyr frame yet whatever.

Definately dont carry out PoE or any open world. Carry out a defense mission. Jump, get one headshot, permit pax seeker execute its thing....

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