The 2006 world Baseball Classic was international baseball competition that included players from significant League Baseball. The vain was held from in march 3 to March 20 in stadiums in Japan, Puerto Rico, and also the unified States. The competition to be won by Japan.

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Competing Nations

The teams selected for the inaugural world Baseball classic were chosen because they were judged to it is in the "best baseball-playing countries in the world and also provide worldwide representation because that the event." There was no main qualifying competition.

Pool APool BPool CPool D
 China China Canada Canada Cuba Cuba Australia Australia
 Chinese Taipei Taiwan Mexico Mexico Netherlands The Netherlands Dominican Republic Dominican Republic
 Japan Japan South Africa south Africa Panama Panama Italy Italy
 South Korea southern Korea United claims United States Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Venezuela Venezuela


The an initial World Baseball standard featured 16 teams in a round-robin style tournament. Each team play the other three teams in their swimming pool once. The optimal two groups of every pool moved onto the second round, wherein the top two teams of Pools A and also B (Pool 1) and the optimal two groups of Pools C and also D (Pool 2) competed against each various other in an additional round-robin. The peak two teams from each swimming pool in the 2nd round gotten in a four-team single elimination bracket, through the swimming pool champions and also runners-up dealing with each various other in the semifinals. The winners that the semifinal games then met to recognize the champion.

Competition Dates, and also Venues

Round OneRound TwoSemifinalsFinals
Pool A JapanMarch 3–March 5Tokyo DomeTokyo, JapanPool 1Top two groups from Pools A and BMarch 12–March 16Angel StadiumAnaheim, CASemifinal 1Pool 1 Winner versus pool 1 RunnerupMarch 18PETCO ParkSan Diego, CASemifinal 1 Winner matches Semifinal 2 WinnerMarch 20PETCO ParkSan Diego, CA
 South Korea
 Chinese Taipei
Pool B United StatesMarch 7–March 10Chase Field/Scottsdale StadiumPhoenix, AZ/Scottsdale, AZ
 South Africa
Pool C Puerto RicoMarch 7–March 10Hiram Bithorn StadiumSan Juan, PRPool 2Top two teams from Pools C and DMarch 12–March 16Hiram Bithorn StadiumSan Juan, PRSemifinal 2Pool 2 Winner versus pool 2 RunnerupMarch 18PETCO ParkSan Diego, CA
Pool D Dominican RepublicMarch 7–March 10Cracker Jack StadiumLake Buena Vista, FL


Further information: 2006 world Baseball standard (Results)

Round One

Korea (3-0) won pool A, and Japan (2-1) finished second, enabling both come move into Pool 1. Taiwan (1-2) and also China (0-3) were got rid of after swimming pool A play.

Pool A StandingsTeamWLRSRARS/9RA/9Tiebreaker
 South Korea301535.191.00-
Template:Country data Taiwan1215195.406.84-

Mexico (2-1) won swimming pool B, and the United claims (2-1) perfect second, put both into Pool 1 as well. Canada (2-1) to be eliminated based upon a runs-allowed tiebreaker. South Africa (0-3) was eliminated yet surprised numerous by posting respectable scores versus Canada and Mexico.

Pool B StandingsTeamWLRSRARS/9RA/9Tiebreaker
 Mexico211976.582.421-1, 1.59 RA/9
 United States2125810.233.131-1, 4.00 RA/9
 Canada2120236.677.671-1, 7.50 RA/9
 South Africa0312384.706.92-

Puerto Rico (3-0) won swimming pool D and also Cuba (2-1) attained spots in pool 2. The Netherlands (1-2) and also Panama (0-3) were got rid of after swimming pool C play.

Pool C StandingsTeamWLRSRARS/9RA/9Tiebreaker
 Puerto Rico302268.252.16-

The Dominican Republic (3-0) won pool D v Venezuela (2-1) as the runner-up, placing both teams right into Pool 2. Italy (1-2) and Australia (0-3) to be eliminated.

Pool D StandingsTeamWLRSRARS/9RA/9Tiebreaker
 Dominican Republic3025129.004.00-

Round Two

Korea walk undefeated to win Pool 1. Japan to be the runner-up regardless of losing come twice complying with the joined States shed to Mexico.

Pool 1 StandingsTeamWLRSRARS/9RA/9Tiebreaker
 South Korea301153.961.67-
 Japan121073.332.361-1, 2.50 RA/9
 United States128122.674.321-1, 2.64 RA/9
 Mexico12491.383.121-1, 3.50 RA/9

The Dominican Republic won swimming pool 2 through its victory over Cuba, the runner-up.

Pool 2 StandingsTeamWLRSRARS/9RA/9Tiebreaker
 Dominican Republic2110113.463.671-0
 Puerto Rico1210113.333.670-1


The Cuba defeated the Dominican Republic 3 to 1.

South Korea shed to Japan 6-0, regardless of narrowly beating them twice in the at an early stage rounds.


Japan defeated Cuba through a score of 10 come 6, to come to be the winner that the inaugural human being Baseball Classic.

Final Standings

Finals1 Japan5-3-
2 Cuba5-3-
Semifinals3 South Korea6-1-
4 Dominican Republic5-2-
Round 25 Puerto Rico4-2-
6 Mexico3-32.72 RA/9
7 Venezuela3-33.40 RA/9
8 United States3-33.75 RA/9
Round 19 Canada2-1-
10 Italy1-25.48 RA/9
11 Netherlands1-26.84 RA/9, 6.48 ERA
12 Chinese Taipei1-26.84 RA/9, 6.84 ERA
13 Australia0-36.85 RA/9
14 Panama0-36.92 RA/9
15 China0-314.40 RA/9
16 South Africa0-315.55 RA/9


All-Tourney team


Team Batting

 United States619733577293295192611.290.360.480.840
 Puerto Rico620332589083191243473.290.370.450.810
 Dominican Republic723336618092896333364.260.360.410.780
 Chinese Taipei31021527901113972131.270.340.380.720
 South Korea7218265313162686165120.240.310.390.700
 South Africa3871222310112773402.250.330.310.640

Team Pitching

 South Korea612.00701463.04514147418501.0087
 Puerto Rico422.08600152.03317123522281.0656
 Dominican Republic522.57700363.05626183423531.2567
 United States333.75602148.04320204317481.2546
 Chinese Taipei126.84300025.03119191214221.8003
 South Africa0313.50300022.04238335222132.9103

Batting Leaders

A minimum 2.7 key appearances/game essential to qualifiy

At Bats





15 tied v 1

Home Runs

Runs Batted In

Total Bases



Stolen Bases

6 tied with 2

Batting Average

On-Base Percentage

Slugging Percentage

On-base to add Slugging

Pitching Leaders

A minimum 0.8 innings pitched/game essential to qualify



33 tied v 1


15 tied with 1


13 tied with 4

Games Started

Complete Games


Innings Pitched

Hits Allowed

Runs Allowed

Earned operation Allowed

Home runs Allowed

Batters Hit




Games Finished

Earned operation Average

Walks add to Hits every Innings Pitched


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The Cuban national Team announced it would certainly not enable players who had defected to the United says to pat in the major leagues to play on your team, eliminating big names such as Orlando Hernandez, Jose Contreras, Danys Baez, and Rafael Palmeiro. One previous defector, Livan Hernandez, expressed attention in pitching because that Puerto Rico since he owns a residence there and the rules enable players to contend for a country based on long-term residency.

On December 14, the was likewise reported that the United says Treasury Department"s Office of foreign Assets manage denied the Cuban national Team a patent to play due to the proceeding

Afterwards, Cuban president Fidel Castro announced publicly that any kind of profit make by Cuba in the classic would be donated to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Major League Baseball"s commissioner"s office and the MLBPA both resubmitted Cuba"s application quickly after the announcement <1>.

In solution to the feasible exclusion of Cuba, the Puerto Rican Baseball Federation proclaimed that that did not arrangement to hold gamings if Cuba to be not permitted to get involved <2>.On January 6, 2006, the international Baseball Federation (IBAF), baseball"s civilization governing body, additionally threatened to retract its sanctioning the the world Baseball standard unless the Bush management allowed Cuba come compete. A tap the money would have dealt a crippling punch to the tournament, affecting plenty of of the teams involved <3>. The IOC also said not enabling them to play would damages future American cities bids to host Olympics

The entire issue pertained to resolution, however, on January 20 2006, once the U.S. Treasury department issued a license to Cuba. Department spokeswoman Molly Millerwise announced the by "working closely with world Baseball Inc. And also the United states Department that State, us were able to reach a licensable agreement that upholds both the legitimate scope and the heart of the sanctions...This agreement ensures that no funding will do its method into the hands of the Castro regime." <4>

The Miami Herald reported the in the march 9, 2006 game in between Cuba and also the Netherlands, Jose Garcia, a Cuban exile living in san Juan hosted up a sign saying, Abajo Fidel (Down through Fidel). The authorize was plainly seen on the worldwide feed which was brought in Cuba. The was faced in the was standing by four Cuban delegates. One of them, point of view Iglesias, vice-president that Cuba"s national Institute the Sports, rushed to confront the man. Puerto Rican police intervened and took Iglesias to a police station and lectured him about complimentary speech.<5>

After this incident, the Cuban Baseball Federation make a deal with World Baseball standard organizers to half political indications from the stands. During the 2nd game of swimming pool 2 play in between Cuba and also the Dominican Republic, a group of fans resulted in a scuffle in ~ Hiram Bithorn Stadium, assignment "Abajo Fidel" through the letter on your shirts.The fans additionally had a little sign through the exact same message about the Cuban president, as did an plane pulling a authorize that showed up over the ballpark.

Other spectators chanted "Fuera! (Take them out!)" and security guards take it the authorize away and asked the fans v the anti-Castro post to change shirts or leave the ballpark. The anti-Castro fans wore 2 shirts come hide the letters when they gone into the stadium, and they put their second shirts ago on ~ an inning-long confrontation in the fifth.

Cuba refused to attend the post-game news conference because that the 2nd time in the tournament. Cuba also did no speak to journalists after ~ the game in between Cuba and the Netherlands.<6>


The Taiwanese baseball team was originally noted as "Taiwan" and also bearing the flag the the Republic that China (

), however under political pressure from the People"s Republic the China, to be later readjusted to Chinese Taipei and also bearing the Chinese Taipei Olympic Flag (
). <7>,<8>, <9>

Additionally, in ~ the website the the WBC, the advent of the Taiwanese team <10> is a totally different write-up from the Chinese translation. <11> The original post that the Chinese translate in was based on was removed, and the Chinese version adjusted "Taiwan" come "Chinese Taipei" during the process of translate into (See the difference). The official TV commercial includes neither ROC flags—see below.

However, MLB has provided Taiwan a sympathetic ear top top occasion, such as the recap of its 12-3 success over China. <12>

TV Commercial

At the finish of the official people Baseball classic television commercial, the background is written of flags the the participating nations, in addition to the WBC logo design in the center and a URL come the main website. However the background contains a couple of errors:


Sacrifice paris appeal, Japan vs. Joined States

In the optimal of the eighth inning that the second-round game between Japan and United States, a Japanese run was nullified once the umpiring crew ruled the Tsuyoshi Nishioka, that was on third base, left the base before USA leftfielder Randy Winn captured the ball. Although the second-base umpire claimed that the Japanese runner had tagged-up properly and also was safe, home-plate umpire Bob Davidson met v the other umpires and ruled that the runner had actually left early. The third-base umpire had entered left field to clock the catch and was no in any type of position to do a speak to <13>.

Slow motion video clip replays (which baseball umpires perform not have access to) appeared to show Nishioka"s foot top top the bag when the catch is made, but his movement prior to the catch may have perplexed the home-plate umpire, as the runner"s top body showed up to start moving before his foot left the bag. Baseball etiquette claims that the house plate umpire need to make the final speak to on tag-up plays. Therefore, the call stood and the U.S. Finished up to win the game by one operation in the bottom the the 9th inning. Japanese manager Sadaharu Oh referred to as the ruling "a pity" and also stated that he had never checked out a speak to overturned in that manner prior to <14>.

For a few moments after the call was decided, it looked as if the Japanese team might not return to the field, for this reason forfeiting the game. At some point they took the field and the game resumed.

Some have actually pointed the end that just the third-base umpire, Australian Neil Poulton, was no from the U.S., as well as the truth that it appeared that the house plate umpire was persuaded to make the contact by USA manager Buck Martinez. Some argued that the call did not finish the game, just the inning, and also some will certainly argue the Alex Rodriguez"s single in the nine inning would have actually scored two runs in any kind of case (had the next run mattered). However, others countered that had Japan scored that run by Nishioka, lock would have actually deployed their closer Akinori Otsuka to pitch the 9th inning.

Despite the controversy, Japan walk on come the semi-finals, and also eventually won the championship.

Home run off foul pole, MEX vs. USA

In the bottom that the third inning of the second-round game between Mexico and the unified States, mexican hitter Mario Valenzuela batted a ball into right field that bounced off the yellow foul pole (later proven by the yellow paint mark on the baseball <15>) and earlier onto the field. By rule, the hit was a home run. Very first base umpire Bob Davidson, though, ruled that the ball continued to be in play and also credited Valenzuela v a double, the strident protests of mexico manager Paquin Estrada notwithstanding. Valenzuela would certainly score later this inning top top a Jorge Cantu single. Mexico go on to victory the game, 2-1.


In the Classic, the korean team played in and won every video game they play in pool A. They progressed to ring two, again winning all three games to certain a location in the semifinals. However, in the semifinals, the oriental team shed to the Japanese team, that they had actually beaten twice previously. In Korea this led to controversy over the regulations of the WBC concerning the fact that Korea had to confront Japan three times and that it was Japan the was allowed to walk to the finals, as soon as it had 4 victories and three losses up to that point, two of those losses come Korea, if the oriental team, which had only one loss and also had currently beaten Japan twice, was eliminated from the finals.

Japan, regardless of winning the tournament, finished with a 5-3 (.625) overall record that was actually just tied with Cuba because that the fourth best amongst tournament teams, ranking behind Korea (6-1, .857), the Dominican Republic (5-2, .714), and also Puerto Rico (4-2, .667). However, the Japanese team ranked very first in batting average (.314), runs (47), variety of hits (74), homeruns (10), and stolen bases (12), all ahead the Korea. They also scored 4 more runs (9-5), 12 much more hits (24-12), 3 much more homeruns (4-1), and also 4 more stolen bases (4-0) 보다 Korea in their three head-to-head games in the WBC.

Also, there was no third place game, and it was unevenly balanced. Because that example, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic to be in the same pool. Many said they to be the 2 many loaded teams, and should"ve been on opposite sides of the bracket.

Drug Testing

Myung-hwan Park, a pitcher for the oriental team, to be disqualified from the WBC after experimentation positive for the usage of an illegal substance. The form of the substance has not to be announced yet. Park will be banned from worldwide baseball competition for the following two years, and also will it is in banned for life if the tests confident again.

Additional Rules

There were several rule changes from normal major league play. Pitchers were held to a pitch counting of 65 pitches in the very first round, 80 pitches in the second round, and 95 in the semifinals and also championship rounds. If a pitcher reached his preferably pitch counting in the center of an at-bat, the could proceed to key to the batter, but was forced to be replaced as soon as that at-bat ended. A 30-pitch outing essential to be complied with by one day off, and a 50-pitch outing by four days off. No one would be enabled to pitch on three consecutive days. A mercy preeminence would come into impact with one team top by either fifteen operation after five innings, or ten runs after seven innings in the very first two rounds of play. In addition, ties can be referred to as after fourteen innings that play.

The designated hitter dominion was in ar for all games.

Success of tournament

Many members of the United says press, and new York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, were unconvinced of the Classic because its inception. The event proved come be quite popular, however, providing countless memorable moments including a first round game between Venezuela and the Dominican Republic. Attendance was greater than expected at numerous sites, including the 19,000-seat Hiram Bithorn stadion in san Juan, i beg your pardon was marketed out because that every Puerto Rico game in the very first two rounds. Though worldwide ratings numbers are not yet available, viewership is intended to be high, ESPN spokeswoman Diane Lamb said. In addition, there to be 4,000 media credentials authorize — an ext than the World series and the Olympic gamings — i beg your pardon bodes well because that the declared goal of internationalizing the sport. Sports shown writer Tom Verducci reported the "more merchandise was offered in the first round 보다 organizers projected for the whole 17-day event." <16> He likewise reported that, in ~ one point, jerseys because that the Venezuelan team were marketing at the price of one every 6 seconds.

The US tv ratings on ESPN were stronger than originally expected, illustration in more than one million tv sets for some games, an ext than almost any various other ESPN regimen in the month that March. This arisen despite much less than mainly airing times for the games. Many were no aired live yet taped, and also sometimes through innings cut, together the WBC was organized well after ~ ESPN had actually committed to much of the programming. This ratings all but assure the following WBC, in 2009, will certainly be awarded much more live broadcasts during prime time.

Allocation the Earnings

The complete earnings that WBC is split into network profit (53%) and prize money (47%).

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Net Profit

World Baseball classic Inc.: 17.5%Baseball football player Union: 17.5%Japanese Baseball Organization: 7%Korean Baseball Organization: 5%Korean Baseball Union: 5%Miscellaneous expenses: 1%

Prize Money

Japanese team (1st place): 10%Cuban team (2nd place): 7% - Donated to the victim of Hurricane KatrinaKorean and Dominican teams (semi-finalists): 5% eachThe 4 teams that drop the end of the second round: 3% eachThe 8 teams that drop the end of preliminaries: 1% each

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