I"m a FTM and also feeling a small bummed. I"m 18 weeks and still not showing. The last couple weeks ns feel choose my belly is a tiny bigger however no one rather notices - I simply look favor I"m chunky approximately the middle. I know some people may think I"m crazy..but I"m prepared to watch pregnant. Is it typical for me to no be mirroring by now? :( ns don"t think I"m a seriously tiny person (5"5" 130 lbs). Have the right to you every tell me once you very first started to have actually the common round baby bump? once did people start noticing you were pregnant? Thanks!

I"m a 2nd time mom and also still no noticeably showing. I can feel the my trousers don"t fit great anymore however no one else would probably know. I think ns was probably between 20 and 25 weeks when I stranger noticed ns was pregnant the first time ca! Don"t worry, your bump will certainly come!! :)

I know just how you feeling I want to feel and also look pregnant and at this point I"m in that always stage the looking choose I ate a little to much! you will get that adorable little belly that all depends on her body and baby! I"m. 4x mom and no wherein near having a belly to rub! It will certainly come then you will certainly say ns can"t wait to see this infant lol. As we get closer to due day our prego bodies have a hard time law things! :)

I started reflecting at 30 weeks with my 3rd she was greatly in my ago as some would certainly say after. It"s completely normal to not present immediately. I"m 17w 3D and again ns look like I should"ve skipped a few meals. Lol.

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I"m likewise a ftm and also I just randomly popped in ~ 19+4! choose it is undeniable now and also even strangers are noticing. Hang in over there it"ll happen!

I know what you mean. I"m a FTM at this time 18w4d. I have actually a larger belly, but I candid look favor I"ve acquired weight rather than gift pregnant. I"m also sad cause I"m no feeling movements. I feel favor I"m absent out compared to a lot of moms. Glad I"m not totally alone.

This is my an initial baby and im 18 weeks as well and not reflecting either, I"m likewise 5"5 however I sweet 173 for this reason nervous to gain a ton the weight however excited to view my infant belly.

I"m a third time mom. Im still not showing. I mean it"s normal. Mine last pregnant was nearly 8 year ago. So ns don"t yes, really remember. In ~ every meeting baby has actually been appropriate on track through growth. So I"m not also worried. However like you and also many rather it seems simply a little bummed.

When I had my daughter i didn"t display until well after 20w! Don"t it is in discouraged! once you"re large you"ll wish you to be smaller

I think you"ll have an interesting next two weeks! I"m 5"4", 130 pre-pregnancy. In ~ 17 weeks ns didn"t really have actually a bump, simply a small chub. I"m 19.5 weeks now and also today mine coworkers told me ns really have actually a bump! Wearing tight fitting garments helps to display it turn off and also sometimes ns wear the belly band under mine shirts to sort of suck it all with each other so the looks an ext bump-like and also less fat :) hope that helps!



Good morning ladies, I"m 18+6 weeks to be curious if women that space in the exact same week together me or near have got lots of load or not... I"m certainly showing now yet from the start of pregnant till currently I only acquire 1 kg did who only...
This is much more of a vent session so ns apologize ahead of time together the back story is type of long.My mommy seems come feel choose she deserves to it is in in the delivery room.Background... I have actually an larger brother and also two sisters. My brother lives across the...
Hi friends, So, we had actually our anatomy scan yesterday, and our small guy looks wonderful. Moving all over, measure solidly a week ahead and all parts arriving where they need to (except, due to the fact that he to be so wiggly, we" ll need to go earlier in 6...

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