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Olga T.

 Notice that "reede" (friday) is the just one that doesn"t have actually the native "päev" (day) in it.

For saying as soon as something happened, -AL must be added to the end of words (equivalent to ON Monday in English). 

Ma lähen poodi teisipäeval - I to be going come the shop on Tuesday.Ta sündis neljapäeval - She to be born ~ above ThursdayTäna ~ above reede - Today is Friday


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The ​12 month in Estonian

Months are additionally written v a small letter.

For speak IN i beg your pardon month other happened, the word needs to be declined in the inessive case. Normally it way adding -IS or -S (if the last letter that the month is i) to the end of the word.

EnglishEstonian (nominative case, inessive case)
Januaryjaanuar, jaanuaris
Februaryveebruar, veebruaris
Marchmärts, märtsis
Aprilaprill, aprillis
Maymai, mais
Junejuuni, juunis
Julyjuuli, juulis
Augustaugust, augustis
Septemberseptember, septembris
Octoberoktoober, oktoobris
Novembernovember, novembris
Decemberdetsember, detsembris


Ma lähen kooli septembris - I to be going to the college in SeptemberPraegu top top oktoober - Now it"s OctoberTa sünnipäev ~ above mais - Her birthday is in MayKas sa lähed augustis reisile? Will you walk travelling in August?

Seasons that the year

For saying as soon as something taken place -EL must be included to the name of the season.



Kevadel läheb ilm soojemaks - The weather it s okay warmer in spring.





Ma lähen suvel randa - In the summer I will certainly go come the beach.





Halloween ~ above sügisel - Halloween is in autumn.





Talvel tuleb meile külla jõuluvana - Santa will visit us in winter.




Asking about the date and also day in Estonian

What"s the date today?Mis kuupäev täna on?
Today is 7th SeptemberTäna ~ above 7. September
What day is it?Mis päev täna on?
Today is MondayTäna top top esmaspäev

Writing the dates in Estonian is easy: 8. November

However analysis this is more difficult because you have to know the ordinal numbers: kaheksas november (instead that kaheksa)


Example dialogue

Marta: Mis kuupäev täna on? --- What"s the date today?

Laura: Täna on 12. Mai --- Today is 12th May.

Marta: Aga mis päev? --- But what day is it?

Laura: Täna top top kolmapäev. --- It"s Wednesday.

Marta: Mis kuus sa sündinud oled? --- In i beg your pardon month were you born?

Laura: Ma sündisin aprillis --- I was born in April.

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Marta: Ja kas kevad on su lemmikaastaaeg? --- And is sping your favourite season?

Laura: Ei, mu lemmik on suvi. --- No, my favourite is summer.


 Continue to the exercises to practice what you have actually learned therefore far!


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