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When friend think back to some of your favorite childhood moments, very couple of of them probably happened as soon as you were sitting at house watching TV. Instead, your many poignant memories probably revolve around that time you ended up v the house run sphere at a baseball game, and the group cheered and you felt favor a rock star, or at the very least like Babe Ruth.

Or possibly it was the time your household attended The huge E together and your dad purchase you cotton candy and let you get all sticky-faced, and also you watched your mom beat the midway games, and you felt choose your heart to be going to overflow v contentment and happiness.

In western Massachusetts, events bring us together to celebrate our successes and recollect on our heritage. We’ve put together a perform of several of the top yearly occasions in Massachusetts, points we and also our regional friends love doing to feel linked to our area and our community.

Top Yearly western Massachusetts Events

Because that the beautiful area wherein we live, there are distinct Western Massachusetts-specific events that take ar in each and every season. From sheet peeping in the fall to river rafting in the feather to skiing in the winter, girlfriend can uncover a wide selection of points to do throughout the year, and some of ours local events reflect the joyous beauty, beauty of our seasons.

Top western Massachusetts occasions for Spring

Springfield annual Pancake Breakfast

Does something scream “neighborly get-together much more than a pancake breakfast? If her mouth is currently watering end the thought of fluffy, buttery, syrupy goodness, you’re not going to desire to miss out on the Springfield annual Pancake Breakfast, commonly hosted in may in downtown Springfield.

Bring your appetite, because it’s billed together the World’s biggest Pancake Breakfast, and also be prepared to feast top top both good food and also friendly conversation.

Paradise City arts Festival (Northampton)

This Paradise City art Festival is ranked among the best in the country, and also includes exhibits from more than 250 artists in every mediums. Artists flock to western Massachusetts from roughly the nation to be component of this visually dazzling display.

Come out to reap the weather that’s not quite summer, not fairly spring, and stay to buy method too lot from the vast selection of contemporary art piece on display.

Brimfield Outdoor neck Show

With feather in the air, you’ll want to get out and also enjoy the largest outdoor antique and collectible display in the country. The Brimfield Outdoor antique Show features over 5000 certified dealer throughout the quaint country town the Brimfield. And once is never sufficient – they carry out this in July and September, too!

Top west Massachusetts events for Summer

Baseball Season opening Night

Baseball is the quintessential American pastime, and also there’s yes, really nothing that have the right to top the nostalgia that being current on opening night.

The Westfield Starfires and Valley Blue Sox will absent off your seasons right at the begin of the summer, and also both promise to bring plenty of excitement to the community. Be sure you arrive ahead of gametime to root, root, root because that the home team.

Yankee Candle Christmas in July

We love the unforgettable fragrant of the holiday season. Fir and balsam, spicy gingerbread, warm apple cider – the list might go on and on.

So naturally, Christmas in July is a must. In ~ the flagship Yankee Candle Village, you can enjoy the holiday season, snap selfies with Santa (who could have traded in his timeless red velvet because that a much more relaxed Hawaiian shirt vibe) and enjoy crafting through Mrs. Claus.

It’s just what you need to obtain a tiny dose that holiday soul and address the reality that you more than likely won’t be decorating your tree because that at the very least a couple more months.

Basketball hall of fame Enshrinement

Meet Basketball’s finest in the birthplace of the sport! every summer, the Naismith Memorial Basketball room of call enshrines the best in the sport in Springfield. Obstacle elbows with the greatest to pat the game and save time for a tourism of the Hoop Hall.

Top west Massachusetts events for Fall

The big E

Would this also be a reliable listing of west Massachusetts events if The large E weren’t included? The ar gathering, much more formally known as the Eastern claims Exposition, is the biggest and also best ar fair you can imagine.

Every fall, The large E bring together remarkable food, parades, music entertainment, farming exhibitions, auto shows and more. Yes so lot to see, do and also taste – you’ll need an ext than someday to completely enjoy all The big E needs to offer.

Six Flags brand-new England’s Fright Fest

Each autumn, Six Flags brand-new England transforms into a fright-filled funzone for teens and adults. You’ll uncover scary shows, walk-through attractions and also thrill rides the make the most of the season.

Top western Massachusetts occasions for Winter

Springfield Thunderbirds

The Springfield Thunderbirds space a skilled ice hockey team in the American Hockey league affiliated through the national Hockey League’s St. Louis Blues. Based in Springfield, Massachusetts, the Thunderbirds play your home games at the MassMutual Center.


Springfield, Parade the the big Balloons

Can’t fairly make the to new York City for the Thanksgiving parade? We’ve got you covered, v the Parade of the big Balloons in downtown Springfield.

Enjoy bands, ar gatherings and balloons that stand for the best Western Mass needs to offer – our favorite is absolutely the 75-foot Cat in the hat balloon.

Bright Nights at forest Park

Holiday memories room made at Bright Nights at woodland Park. It’s just not the holiday season till you’ve thrust through this vacation lighting extravaganza! Look for Santa’s magical Forest, Dinosaur World and also Seuss floor – it’ll come to be an annual tradition ~ the first mile.

Holyoke St. Patrick’s work Parade

Run, go or float over to the Holyoke St. Patrick’s work Parade. This celebration of irish heritage brings much more than 400,000 guest to the community for a parade, music, food and fun.

It also includes traditional performances by the Holyoke Caledonian pipeline Band and also the road Race, Western brand-new England’s largest race (featuring a 10k, a 2 mile walk and also a kids Fun Run).

Community events help us to celebrate what we have actually in usual – a love that the arts, of sport, of nature. The human connection these events develop is so crucial to both mental and also physical well-being.

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If you’d choose to learn an ext about these neighborhood events and also dozens of rather coming increase in western Mass, or around the peak yearly events in Massachusetts, check out our Events listings and customize a schedule just for you. Or, contact us, and let our team that knowledgeable locals assist you prepare for a fun and also unforgettable western Mass adventure.