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This Product has been authorized for Locker Pickup service, however final compliance will certainly be topic to weight and size limits for the quantity ordered
The article is tested and also deemed vendible in the adhering to vending devices as the EA and/or package Quantity.
drive 1/2" Square
all at once Length 2"
Shank size 1/4" Hex
style round Lock
trade Name Shockwave influence Duty™
type Socket Adapter
Product Weight 0.08
UOM package of 6

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Milwaukee® Shockwave impact Duty™ Socket Adapters room engineered for excessive durability and also up come 10x life. Made from proprietary steel and also heat treated to manage hardness, the Shockwave impact Duty™ Socket Adapters administer fastening capabilities through all impacts. Extensively targeting cordless users, the Shockwave influence Duty™ accessory heat is not only ideal for hefty duty influence applications, yet delivers a complete system systems for every the user"s drilling and also fastening needs. Proprietary steel and also heat treat procedure for best strength and also durabilityHeavy duty building and construction for fastening ability in all results Socket Adapter